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Game Developer

Game design - Level Design - Sound Design

How a game communicates its mechanics to the player. 
How a level guides the eye and thought process of those who observe it. How an environment can create memorable moments on their own.

These are some of the things I value the most when I am creating a level, and what I keep in mind when designing for a good user experience. Looking at every moment from the user's perspective, I aim to create something that will be both subtle and intuitive in its presentation,

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Guitar - Vocals - Arragement


In 2008, I started learning to play guitar, which itself led to a deeper interest in music history, theory and production.

Over the last decade, I have played in a number of bands, as well as produced music in my spare time. I also studied music history, theory, production and performance from 2010-2013, and has since then worked on music whenever time allowed it. The genres I play are mostly sub-genres of rock, metal, jazz and ambient electronic music, and my main instruments are electric and acuostic guitar, vocals and synth.