CV - Lars Eirik Holte


LEVEL DESIGNER | Game Designer

City of residence: Stockholm, Sweden

Cell-phone: +46 (0)72 857 02 20




Projects and experience


Level designer, Toadman Interactive AB, Q4 2017 – Q3 2018 (intern), Q3 2018 – present (junior)
(level design, level art, Autodesk Stingray, Blender)

At Toadman Interactive AB, I have been working with level design and level art on Immortal: Unchained, a third person, hardcore RPG shooter, during which I worked a lot with reinforcing a level’s narrative through level art as well as creating and balancing challenging combat encounters. I’ve also spent time on an undisclosed project going by the name Project: Osiris. In this project I have worked with levels from as early as brainstorming and paper designs, working with both narrative- and art teams from the start of their production.

Other Projects

Game design & level design, Apeheart, Q3 2017
(level design, game design, sound design, composer, C#, scrum)

Apeheart is a 3D puzzle-platformer developed in Unity 5. I primarily worked on the game’s level design, designing puzzles and platforming challenges all the while considering the pacing of the game’s difficulty and gameplay elements. In addition to this, I also worked with sound design and composing music for the game, as well as additional scripting in C#.

Game director & sound design, Night Terrors, Q2 2017
(game design, sound design, scripting, scrum, public speaker)

Night Terrors is a VR puzzle horror game created in Unreal Engine 4 for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. As the product owner/game director, I worked a lot with the principle design of the game’s mechanics and puzzles, as well as writing and presenting the pitch for our game. Throughout development, I kept track of our vision, working to ensure that the entire team was kept informed on the current state of the project, as well as the next stages of development. I also did sound design, sourcing and editing sound effects for the main character, the environment and monsters. In addition to the sounds, I recorded a soundscape/ambience controlled by a dynamic ambience engine created with UE4’s Blueprint system.

QA tester, Cities: Skylines DLC, Q3 2016
(Quality Assurance(QA), usability testing, JIRA, interaction design/user experience design (IxD/UX))

When working with QA on the DLC for Cities: Skylines, I focused heavily on testing and improving on the usability of core features of the game, as well as other aspects of IxD and UX, such as how it communicates new features of the DLC to both new players and those who had played the core game before. I also reported bugs that I would encounter, some by playing naturally, and some through “bad idea testing” where you intentionally try to stress-test or break parts of a game. All the reports were written with technical specifications of the computer used and provided a thorough step by step walkthrough on how to reproduce it. This was all documented in the JIRA issue tracking software.

User Experience Design, Hordaland Museum Centre (HMC), Q1 2016 – Q2 2016
(Lean development, web development, IxD/UX, sound design)

At HMC, I co-developed a new platform for distributing the museum’s content online, targeting a younger audience. I was part of a three-person project management team on a full production team of 13 people. I was personally in charge of user experience- and web design, with some additional coding and graphic design responsibilities. My role as IxD/UX lead had me work with visual design of the website, storytelling & writing, and sound design ensuring that the user had an immersive experience that was both intuitive and educational.



Game Design Program, FutureGames Yrkeshögskola, 2016 – 2018
(Gameplay design, level design, interaction design, QA)

FutureGames is a vocational academy providing hands-on experience in multiple fields of video game development. The Game Design program is a two-year education teaching most aspects of the development process, including game design methodology, scripting, level design, and QA. The students; after their introductory courses, get an opportunity to specialize in one of the taught disciplines before a six- to seven-month internship at a company in the video game industry.
During this time, I specialized in game design and level design.

Bachelor’s Degree in New Media, University of Bergen, 2013 – 2016
(Agile development, lean development, interaction design, HTML/CSS, SQL, Java, innovation in media)

New Media is a program focusing on information technology with additional media science- related courses. A large part of the education was related to the development and design of IT-services, using a range of different technologies and design methodologies. Our practical projects spanned, among others: web development, object-oriented-programming and Tizen smart watch application development.

High School

Music, dance and drama (MDD), Skien Videregående Skole, 2010 – 2013

MDD is a three-year program where the students choose to specialize in music, dance or drama, while still getting introductory classes to the remaining disciplines. Specializing in music, my education focused on music theory, history, production, and performing various instruments. The other disciplines’ introductory courses included interpretive and choreographed dance, theater acting, improvisational acting and dramatic writing.

Technical skills



Unreal Blueprint


Perforce – P4V

Lean Methodology

Adobe Premiere

Ableton Live

Unity 5

Unreal Engine 4

Autodesk Stingray

Tortoise SVN

Agile Methodology

Adobe Photoshop

Final Cut Pro X

Logic Pro X


Norwegian: Native tongue

English: Fluent, verbally and written

Swedish: Working professional, verbally and written

Other experiences and interests

  • Experience as an actor and voice actor in local plays and events.

  • Experience as a musician, main instruments being vocals, electric guitar and synth.

  • Two years of experience in Heimevernsungdommen (HVU), undergoing introductory military courses for youths aged from 16 to 21.