My name is Lars Eirik Holte, I am a Norwegian game designer, musician and voice artist currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden.

Throughout my life, I have been an avidly creative person. Whether I was trying out different kinds of musical instruments, or acting out and recording my favorite bedtime stories on old cassette tapes, I realized very early in my life that I wanted to do something creative and have that become my career. Later in life I took an interest in interaction design and went on to study web development, which in turn made me realize that I could apply this knowledge to my favorite type of media: games!

I am currently working as a level designer at Toadman Interactive AB, as well as practicing any other discipline that comes with the territory, such as level art and environmental storytelling. Working with so many talented people has already helped me grow as a designer, and I am looking forward to continue my learning experience, honing my craft and meeting new people!

I will be updating this website periodically, but if there's is something you would like to discuss that is not covered here, do not hesitate to contact me through any and all of the contact information provided below!

Best regards,
Lars Eirik Holte.